Community Bridging Services Inc

Having been a long-term Telstra customer with over 25 plus sites across South Australia, Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. ran a mix of on-premise Legacy NEC phone systems and Telstra Trunk carriage. Trying to manage the migration to NBN proved troublesome, costly and time consuming. Looking to streamline and have a uniform approach for all sites, yourTelco commissioned the NEC SV9100 IP Telephony system in conjunction with the yourTelco SIP network. This enabled Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. to have more flexibility, a streamlined approach to telephone calling with the added benefit of a 30% cost saving on their monthly bills and a single supply model.

CBS Inc. is a key leader in the provision of support and assistance for people with a disability or disadvantage, within open employment, NDIS including recreation and school to work programs, Social Enterprise and the arts. Over the past 25 years, CBS Inc. has committed to outstanding service provision through its underpinning values of integrity, built on a strengths-based inclusive approach, a client-centered focus, being reliable and adaptable and a commitment to excellence. They have offices all over South Australia, so they can support people with disabilities wherever they are.