Cloud Phone System For Small Business

We also offer hosted phone systems – where you rely on an off-site system accessed through the internet, rather than a cumbersome on-site phone network. While these systems were once reserved for larger businesses that could afford their own connection, the NBN enables more businesses to take advantage of this low-cost, secure, and scalable communications solution.

At yourTelco, we offer not only VoIP telephone system solutions, we also offer a cloud based, hosted phone system alternative. Using phone line networks and private providers for your business telecommunication needs is risky; issues can be difficult and time consuming to resolve. When using a locally managed, cloud based system right here in Adelaide, you can rely on prompt attention and a fast resolution.

Most business needs dictate the requirement to communicate with current and potential clients at any moment of the day but if your phone system breaks down due to a line network or provider outage, it can result in a costly impact to both your bottom line and your brand as a whole. Clients expect to be able to reach you when they need you so implementing a cloud based phone system, managed in Adelaide takes the risk out of your telecommunication accessibility.

Cloud based phone systems for small businesses in Adelaide are a great solution for any office. Once reserved for large enterprises that were able to afford their own connections, the NBN provides the opportunity for businesses of any size to take control of their cloud based phone system and make the most of this new low-cost, secure and scalable communication solution.

How does a cloud based phone system work?

All your telephone functionality is managed using a central, local server here in Adelaide. As a user you can simply subscribe to the services and plans tailored to your business requirements; all you need is an Internet service!

This type of solution is perfect for a business with multiple locations as well as contact centres or any business seeking a UCaaS (Unified-Communications-as-a-Service) solution which works as a streamlined platform. UCaaS brings together services that your business uses every day such as VoIP, video conferencing, file sharing, messaging, collaboration apps and much more, all in one seamless cloud based phone system.

Why should I choose a cloud based phone system for my small business in Adelaide? There are many key benefits when choosing an off-site cloud based phone system. With the ease of management and reduced operating cost compared to an on-site system, a cloud based phone system also offers better flexibility as you can easily access the system across multiple locations.

yourTelco provides ongoing maintenance as an inclusion in your monthly costs, meaning you won’t have to worry about going offline due to network outages with a cloud based phone system.