UNIVERGE SV8000 Series

End of Life

The NEC UNIVERGE SV8000 Series of platforms reached end of life (EOL) as of the end of March 2018. The platforms now EOL are the SV8100 and SV8100 model SE.

As a result of this change, the UNIVERGE SV8000 Series hardware and licensing will no longer be available for expansions of existing customer SV8000 platforms. However, under break-fix scenarios, some parts will continue to be available on an advance replacement basis as well as a reserve of some second hand parts.

Your Telco offer attractive upgrade options for each of the EOL platforms so now is a great time to get in touch for a free no obligation quote

Customers who upgrade will benefit from:

  • the ability to leverage most of the hardware from their original investment into an equivalent SV9000 Series platform
  • Heavily discounted SV9000 Series licensing at up to 55% off
  • the choice to expand their SV9000 Series platform to address their changing business needs over time
  • access to new features to improve business efficiency and communications between staff and customers
  • Continued support now and into the future
  • Complete peace of mind knowing their hardware investment is fully supported